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Unlock Your Potential: A Guide to Your First Personal Training Session

Understanding Your Goals  (10-15mins)

We will briefly orient you around the gym to show you the training environment and amenities we offer. Next, we will sit down to better understand your current lifestyle and fitness goals.


Assessment (5-10mins) 

Now that we understand you better, we will take body fat, muscle mass, and even girth measurements if needed. We will then perform a series of body movements and postural assessments to gauge your current fitness level and condition to better understand what is hindering you from achieving your goals.


Bespoke Workout Program (35-45mins)

Finally, we will get down and sweaty with a specially designed bespoke program based on your assessment for the remaining time of the session itself. We will show you where your imbalances are and how we can effectively help you achieve your fitness goals.

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